In this Theotek Podcast we got a fresh look at Accordance Mobile 2.0 or Bible Study with Accordance as it’s known in the iTunes App Store. Rick Mansfield from Accordance showed off the new features and what makes it a great refresh of what some of us thought wasn’t the best Bible study experience in its previous version. However, even the most ardent critic of the 1.0 version will have to admit that 2.0 comes with an appealing set of new features and design refresh.

bible study with accordance
Bible Study with Accordance for iPad updates to Accordance Mobile 2.0. We demo it on this Theotek Podcast

Watch the YouTube version as Rick shows it off and Antoine Wright and I ask questions.

I’ll be doing a written review of the product sometime in the next week or two. So check back for that.

People who want to switch from their current Bible study software can do so by going to the Accordance Crossgrade site. Also, Accordance offers a 20% discount site wide until April 6th for people who want to add to their library. Get the app from the App store for your iPad or iPhone.

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Play the audio version of the podcast below.

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