Two new releases dominated our discussion this week on the Theotek Podcast. We also offered some useful tips on worship presentation. First, we talked about the new Google Now On Tap that came out of the Google I/O Conference before getting into worship presenting with Paul Alan Clifford.

Theotek Podcast Discusses Google Now On Tap

So what is Google Now On Tap? It’s a feature that will show up in Android M, the next version of Android to follow Lollipop.

Google uses both numbers and the alphabet to identify their operating system updates. The code name is Android M since it follows L, now named Lollipop. Android M (will it be Milky Way since they started their conference with a view of the Milky Way?) will include the new feature called Now On Tap. It lets developers take the power of Google Search and use it to search inside their apps. It will also search what’s on the screen on an Android device.

We talked about it because Bible apps use search as a key function. Could a simple Bible reader app use Now On Tap to harness the power of the web? Suddenly a nice Bible reader app like the Crossway ESV Bible app that we discussed before becomes a more powerful Bible study tool using the entire Internet as a library for digital Bible study. I can search for Abraham on the web while reading Romans 4 possible find some useful content to help in my study of Romans 4.

Propresenter 6 for Mac and Worship Presentation Tips

propresenter 6 for mac

Most of this week’s Theotek Podcast covered worship presentation tips and software. We spoke to Paul Alan Clifford of Trinity Digital Media. He’s a ProPresenter guru and he shared some of the new features in ProPresenter 6 for Mac, which got released recently. He also gave us some great tips on doing worship presentations in general.

In our discussion we talked about Leonard Sweet’s book Post-Modern Pilgrims. He talks about making worship experiences EPIC, an acrostic for …

  • E = Experiential
  • P = Participatory
  • I = Image Drivin
  • C = Connection

Paul said our worship presentations need to include these four elements to make them more relevant to younger generations. Might I also recommend a great book that talks about how the four generations in most adult worship settings learn. It’s called One Church Four Generations by Gary McIntosh.

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