This week Olive Tree released its latest version for Windows bringing with it the ability to display the latest book files and we got a preview on this week’s Theotek Podcast.

Before, the Windows program used the old Palm Book format. They updated iOS, Mac and Android. The Windows code finally got that update and the company released it on July 20, 2015. We got an exclusive first look at Olive Tree Bible+ 6.0 for Windows as LaRosa Johnson, from Olive Tree and one of our regular guests, talked about it at the beginning of our show – Theotek Podcast #032: Extending an Olive Tree.

We also talked about Bible software in general on multiple platforms and the state of software user interface. Finally, we discussed a few new toys that I recently picked up like the Samsung Galaxy Gear S smartwatch that Antoine’s been using for some time as his sole phone.


Improvements in Olive Tree Bible for Windows

To learn more about Olive Tree Bible+ 6.0 for Windows head over to the company’s blog where they discuss all the new features.

The most significant thing users will notice is the new user-interface. It’s cleaning and more modern looking and matches the other platforms. They flattened the icons and gave it a color scheme that matches their new branding since Harper Collins bought the company.

The basic look and functionality didn’t change that much. It still shows the tree of available library books on the left, the Bible takes up the center and user can still find the powerful Resource Guide along the right. The toolbar still shows quick links to features used most.

olivetree display format

The new book display format lets the company format books so that things like tables will look better. Bible links inside the table show up as hyperlinks instead of a table that’s really an image. The student can interact with table content. Text flows around tables and images better as well.

Olive Tree Bible+ 6.0 for Windows performs faster too. The new book format makes scrolling quicker. The Resource Guide will show up in the right hand window faster.

New books will now become available on the Windows platform as they show up on Mac, iOS and Android since all four platforms use the same book display format.

Theotek Podcast

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