Over three years ago the Theotek Podcast got its start as a trio of tech lovers took the YouTube and recorded what we first called Theotek News. You can see that first episode below. At first LaRosa Johnson, Antoine Wright and I discussed Bible software and more. It was pretty rough. That was when I was still writing for Christian Computing Magazine, Antoine still had the Mobile Ministry Magazine and I was into Google+ big time. LaRosa announced the sale of Olive Tree to Harper Collins. What a blast from the past.

Later we added Wes Allen and then Rick Mansfield and recently Mark Allison. We often branch out of Bible or Church software and technology into the realm of general technology. But we’ve kept at it for over 100 shows.

Now it’s time for a change. It seems Google’s changing the way they want customers to use Google Hangouts On Air. We feel like it’s no longer a reliable tool for recording our Theotek Podcast.

facebook live
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Going forward we’re going to use Facebook Live through our new Theotek Podcast Facebook page. The team will get together over Skype and Wes will record it on his Mac using Ecamm Live software, a great tool for streaming live to Facebook or YouTube, but not both. It costs $40 for the basic program. Then you add their Call Recorder for Skype which costs another $40. We tried it with our show this week and it worked really well.

We’ll still be active on Twitter @TheotekPodcast and you can still watch for a while at YouTube. Going forward that YouTube Channel will primarily consist of my stuff, like a review I did of the Google Pixelbook recently. By the way I also wrote about using the Pixelbook for Bible Study here on this site.

Please consider subscribing over at Facebook. Follows us on Twitter. Here’s my statement on the YouTube channel.


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