Rick Mansfield

Rick Mansfield lives in the metropolis of Simpsonville, Kentucky, with his wife Kathy and his tenacious basset hound, Bessie Mae. He works as Technology Evangelist for Accordance Bible software as well as adjunct faculty, teaching Bible & philosophy, for Indiana Wesleyan University.


You can follow Rick at a few places online. He tweets @thislamp and does the Facebook too. On occasion he posts at Google+ using his full name. Or just checkout his personal website.

2 thoughts on “Rick Mansfield”
  1. Rick,
    I was a part of the Accordance Mobile 2 Webinar last Thursday. Thank you for your valuable info. You told us to contact you if we had any questions. Hope it is okay to contact you this way.
    I could not write down your email fast enough to get the whole thing.

    I heard you talking about the Reflector App and wanted to do some further investigation.
    I downloaded the free trial version, but when I looked at the Mobile App the reviews were not very good at all. Many people had problems with it. I was wondering if you had any initial issues when you are using it and what you thought about it.

  2. Hi Timothy!

    Note that I was not using the mobile Reflector app for iOS but just the Mac version. With the Mac version running, all I had to do was point my iPad at my MacBook with Apple’s built-in AirPlay. That particular webinar was the first time I had used Reflector.

    While I like the concept of it, I was a bit disappointed in the actual results because I discovered about halfway through the webinar that what was showing up in Reflector was lagging about 10 or more seconds from what I was actually doing on my iPad. Now, that may not be Reflector’s fault–I don’t know. Perhaps my wifi was running slower than normal. Or maybe the processor on my MacBook is not fast enough. I’m just not certain.

    If it were to work correctly, I believe Reflector would be a better option than using QuickTime, but I’ll have to play with it some more.

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