In basketball, March Madness will kick off soon, but in Logos Bible Software, the Logos March Matchups 2024 deals are live now—all of them! Logos users picked their favorites from dozens of options, and it came down to two options. The user crowned one of them the champ, and you get the winnings in big discounts.

I’ve got all the available deals, but I recommend these top 5 Logos March Matchups Deals for 2024. Check them out. Some of them are what Logos calls Hall of Fame titles. That means they were not part of the March Matchups, but you still get steep discounts because users picked them in previous years. Comment below to tell me which deal you buy and which you’d like to get. Now for the Top 5, in my opinion.

Take a look at the bottom of this post for other steep discounts on the Logos version of March Madness.

New International Commentary on the Old and New Testament

Logos currently charges $1,824.99 for NICOT and NICNT at their regular price. However, you can get them for $1,094.99. That’s a great deal for the complete set covering the Old and New Testaments. Take a look at Best Commentaries, a site that ranks commentaries for users, and you’ll see that this series boasts more volumes ranked first or second for each book of the Bible. I counted almost 30 volumes listed first or second. Many others rank third or fourth.

This commentary series offers scholarly discussion of each text and book in the Bible. It also adheres to Scripture as the infallible Word of God so you can trust it.

NIV Application Commentary Series

Get the NIVAC for $600 off the regular price of $1,199.99 during this sale. You’ll love the way it’s laid out. You get scholarly discussions of the text and some wonderful applications to modern life, hence the series title.

Like NICOT and NICNT, the NIV Application Commentary series put many books in the top two for each book of the Bible. Best Commentaries ranks 28 volumes in the top 5, mostly in the Old Testament.

New American Commentary Series

The New American Commentary, or NAC, strikes a wonderful balance between academic discussion of the text and accessible understanding for most people who teach or preach the Bible. I rank this commentary first in my list of Logos Bible Software commentaries and in other programs, too.

Lovers of this series feel frustrated that we still can’t get Ephesians or the Psalm 1-72 volume. Ephesians supposedly ships on November 1, 2024, and the Psalm 1-72 volume hopefully comes out before Christ’s return. Or should I say that I hope Christ returns before it comes out?

According to a person on the Logos Bible Forums, the author said he’d get it to the publisher by December 1, 2023, and it would come out in “late 2024.”

Logos will sell you the NAC for only $439.99, a nice discount off their regular price of $1,117.57. That’s a good deal!

Best Commentaries doesn’t rank as many NAC titles in the top 5 in the New Testament, but most OT books come near the top of their list. Some of the NT books should rank higher because they’re excellent.

Anchor Yale Bible Commentary

The Anchor Yale Bible Commentary costs a whopping $4,257.12 at regular price, but you can save a lot with this great discount and get it for $1,437.76. Because of the huge discount alone, I’ve included it.

It’s always a good idea to have a commentary that challenges thinking in your library. If you’re an evangelical conservative like me, then this set will do that. It’s very good, so long as you know you must spot the non-conservative thinking. The publisher relied on Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish scholars to write this collection.

Christ Centered Exposition Commentary Series Collection

While Anchor might challenge you theologically and with its technical scholarly approach, the Christ Centered Exposition Commentary Series Collection reads like a collection of sermons on each book in the set. You could read it devotionally for your own benefit or use it to prepare sermons. Either way, it’s worth the $195.59 price, which saves you over $200 off the regular price.

Other Great Deals on Logos March Matchups

Now that March Madness will heat up, Logos March Matchups just crowned its 2024 champion. Here’s the rest of the top deals available this year.

  • Baker Commentary on the OT – The Big Winner!
  • Pillar New Testament Commentary – Runner-Up in the Final March Matchups Tournament!
  • Evangelical Exegetical Commentary.
  • Lexham Geographic Commentaries.
  • Tyndale Commentaries Old and New Testament.
  • Lexham Research Commentaries.
  • The Story of God Bible Commentary

Find all the other deals by using my affiliate link. This will help me with the costs of keeping my site ad-free.

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