We were fortunate enough to have Rick Milone from WORDsearch to show off their latest update. WORDsearch 11 came out last week with some awesome new features. Rick showed them off and then talked about what sets WORDsearch apart from other programs.

wordsearch 11 library windows

After talking about WORDsearch we also delved into iOS 9 and the new ad blocking feature that lest third-party ad blockers stop content from littering your Safari pages.

Watch the video above from YouTube or listen to the audio version below. Also look out for my review in Ministry Tech Magazine’s October issue and here on KevinPurcell.org coming soon.

1 thought on “WORDsearch 11 Update Demo: Theotek Podcast #040

  1. I’m impressed with the quality of my video, seeing how I did it with my phone’s data & front facing camera. Was glad to be back on the show.

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