Do you love to listen to the Bible? Then we’ve got the best audio Bible apps for Android for 2021. These also work on Amazon Fire Tablets plus your favorite Android smartphone from Google or Samsung Galaxy. I tested them out on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G primarily, but also on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Give this a read and then download them for a good listen to the good book.

If you’re looking for the Best Audio Bible Apps for iOS, then keep reading. These also come with iOS versions.

Bible.is – Our Winner: Best Audio Bible Apps for Android

The Bible.is app that focuses on listening to the Bible on your Android phone. They also offer an iOS app.

People who want to listen to the Bible and do little else should look at Bible.is and nowhere else. Users agree with a 4.6 rating in the Google Play Store for this free app. You can also find it on iOS. Just a few of the key features that make it great include the following:

  • Listen to the Bible in hundreds of languages with more coming all the time
  • Create your own listening plans like you can with Bible reading apps – see the first and third screenshot below
  • Share plans with other Bible.is users
  • Read along with the audio Bible or just read when you can’t conveniently listen – see the middle screenshot below
  • Search the Bible by keyword, Bible text and phrases, or other words
  • Watch Bible-based films like The Jesus Film
Bible.IS app is our best audio Bible app for Android.

The Faith Comes By Hearing folks respond to user support issues and do a great job of pleasing those who have issues with the app. I’ve never experienced a problem.

YouVersion Bible App – Best Audio Bible Apps for Android with Social Networking

If you only downloaded one Bible app on your phone or tablet, it likely came from Life.church. Life.church brags millions of downloads and often shows up in the list of top apps on iOS and Android.

The Bible app from Life.Church is also known as YouVersion.

The church created the Bible app years ago and keeps developing it and improving it. The app excels as a basic Bible reader app with an elegant user interface. It primarily serves as a Bible reading app but adds audio Bible listening and does it well.

I include it here because of its great social networking features. Share Bible verses in a visual way. If your friends post pretty photos with Bible verses imposed over the top of them, the share likely came from the Bible app.

To use the audio Bible features, open in the Bib reader and you’ll see a small audio icon in the top toolbar second from the right. Tap it to show the Bible reader pop up as seen in the left screenshot above. You can play from the current location in the Bible shown in the reader window. The fast forward and rewind buttons go forward or back by a chapter.

The settings at the bottom of the pop-up window control the speed and set a timer for how long the app will read the Bible. There’s also a button to hide the controls. If you do, then you’ll see the screen on the right which shows you smaller rewind, play, and forward buttons. They function the same way as the larger pop-up window.

Olive Tree Bible – Best Audio Bible Apps for Android with Advanced Bible Study Tools

Olive Tree makes the Bible overall Bible study app on Android and iOS. The app includes tools for advanced language study, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, media tools, and more. In addition, they offer a decent library of audiobooks. Check out the Audio Bibles sold on the Olive Tree website.

Open audiobooks from the library button on the top toolbar. Find audiobooks with a headphone icon.

Open Olive Tree and go to the library to find your audiobooks. The books with audio show a headphone icon. Tap it to open it. You’ll then see the audio controls to go back, play, and go forward. Below that, you’ll see a toolbar with volume, playback speed, driving mode, and Bluetooth connection.

The Olive Tree controls let you change volume, speed, enter driving mode, or connect to a Bluetooth device.

If you want to use your app while driving tap on the Driving mode icon. The larger play button and skip back button help you play or go back in case you missed something. The icon with the headphone inside a bookmark icon creates a bookmark so you can quickly go back to the spot in the book.

The video above from Olive Tree shows you how to use the feature on an iPad, but it works similarly on Android.

The Olive Tree app plays Bibles and other books too.

Logos – Best Audio Bible Apps for Android Honorable Mention

I’ve written a lot about Logos over the years including their advanced mobile app. It includes audiobooks too. Open them from the menu button in the lower right corner of the app. Find a book in your library and open it. You might also want to download the book from the library using the tiny download button next to the book title.

Open an audiobook from the menu button in the lower right corner of the app. When you open an audiobook you’ll see the listening controls as seen above on the right side of the screen.

Once the audiobook is open you’ll see the playback controls as seen above on the right. You can go back and forward by chapter or in 30-second intervals. Play or pause the book. The Contents button lets you jump to any place in the table of contents. There’s also a playback speed control.


The playback interface in Logos offers the most options and controls. However, it’s also the most complex of the apps and will overwhelm those who don’t want to do advanced Bible study.

Bible.IS is the simplest for people who just want to listen to the Bible. If you also want to read and interact with other Bible readers then use the YouVersion Bible app from Life.church. The best overall mobile Bible app comes from Olive Tree. It’s not as complex as Logos, but gives you more Bible study tools than the simpler apps.

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  1. Thank you for this information. I am going to use Logos based on your advice. God bless you.

    1. Well thank you so much for reading the article and I hope that it works out well for you. If not come back and let us know what you do go with instead. But I think you’ll like it.

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