What are the 5 best Bible apps for Android for 2021? These run on Android phones, tablets, and the Amazon Fire tablet.

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet or maybe an Amazon Fire Tablet, then we’ve got the 5 best Bible apps for Android. This list usually stays the same each year. So what has changed for 2021?

5 best bible apps for android in 2021

I tested these apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. I used to own the Tab S7 but handed it down to my son, an Android first guy. Most of the time, I use the iPad, but Android works great too. So, here’s my list for 2021!

What’s your favorite Bible app on Android or Amazon Fire Tablet. Comment below or head over to the YouTube video above and comment there.

Bible App by Olive Tree

Olive Tree’s Bible App sits atop our list because it’s still the best mobile Bible app available for reading, study, and sermon prep. Why do I call it the “best”? Olive Tree presents the Bible and Bible study material with the perfect balance of usefulness and simplicity. That’s hard to do. Just ask the other more technical Bible study apps listed below.

UPDATE: The Bible App by Olive Tree is no longer supported on Amazon Fire tablets.

Olive Tree Bible app with resource guide making it one of the 5 best bible apps for android
Olive Tree Bible app with the Resource Guide open along the right. The guide follows the currently displayed verse so it shows all your content about the present verse.

Open Olive Tree on a tablet, and you get two areas by default. On the left, you’ll see a kind of Windows Explorer or macOS Finder kind of navigation window that takes up the left half of the screen when you tap the menu. To see this menu, you’ll need to tap the menu button that looks like three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

Olive Tree Bible app menu
Open the menu using the button in the upper left corner.

The Bible sits on the left when the menu isn’t open. On the right, you’ll see the Resource Guide. These two can link up so that when you scroll or swipe from page to page in the Bible, it will move the commentary you have open to the right.

Olive Tree offers a huge library of books
Olive Tree offers a huge library of books to download if you buy them.

Add word study features by opening a tagged Bible. Tap on a tagged word, and you’ll see a popup window that defines the word in its original language. You also get Audiobooks, reading plans, devotionals, maps, highlights, note-taking, and it all syncs up with your computer version of Olive Tree.

There’s more to this app, but this hits the highlights and explains why I put it first in my 5 Best Bible Apps for Android list.

Logos Bible App from Faithlife

The Logos Bible App (Amazon Fire App) and its other similar apps from Faithlife come in second in our roundup because of its power and array of useful features. It’s a little bloated, but I’d rather have too many features that don’t get in the way of the basics than not enough, like the ability to add user notes.

logos bible app book reading progress makes it one of the 5 best bible apps for android
The new Logos 9 Bible App for Android now has a tab in the Library that shows your progress in reading books.

When you look at all that Faithlife packs into Logos, you can only say wow! There’s a reason this ends up in our 5 Best Bible Apps for Android, but not at the number one spot.

The app divides into a few main areas.

  • Home Screen – layouts for study are here, along with information from Faithlife about sales or books.
  • Library – find your books to open and read.
  • Book Reader – you can open a bunch of books, and they will show up on screen accessible via the center button, the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Search Screen – use it to search your Bible or books.
  • Main Menu – find all the major features of the Logos app here, like the Guides.
the books layout tools in Logos make this one of the 5 best bible apps for Android
The Logos Bible app uses a layout screen which you find by tapping the center button on the bottom toolbar. Sync all your books to the Bible. Add new screens or tabs as they call them.

You can open multiple books and sync them using the center button on the bottom toolbar. Set up some or all of the books to sync up or don’t. I have a few Bible translations and a few study Bible’s or commentaries open all the time, all of which I set to sync up, so they move from verse to verse together. I also open books I’m reading too, but they don’t sync with a Bible.

menu in Logos Bible app
Open the menu in Logos Bible app to find the Guides and other tools.

On the Bible, you can do word studies, searches, and add notes or highlights. Open the menu, and you can search your library in one of the Guides. A passage guide finds everything about your passage. The Exegetical Guide searches for content related to language study. Other guides work similarly.

Logos Bible App home page
The Home Screen for Logos Bible app.

You’ll find many other features, mainly in the main menu at the far right on the bottom toolbar. And remember, it all syncs nicely with the computer app or their web app.

Faithlife also offers a few other apps for Bible study and reading. You can download…

The Bible App from Life.Church

Bible app from YouVersion is one of the 5 best bible apps for android
Tap the Home icon in the upper left to show the menu seen above.

I always fight with myself about adding The Bible App (Amazon Fire App) to my roundup of best Bible apps for any platform, but I always do it for one reason. It’s the most popular Bible app available on mobile devices.

I don’t like including The Bible App because it’s not really a complete Bible study app. You can’t do word studies or read commentaries and Bible dictionaries. But that’s not what Life.Church intended for its users to do.

bible app selection for highlights sharing or other
Tap verses to select them and then use the pop up at the bottom of the screen to highlight the text, share it or other interactions.

Instead of more advanced Bible study, The Bible App excels as a simple Bible reading app that also includes social networking built-in and sharing to social media easily and elegantly. You can…

  • Download and read hundreds of versions of the Bible, most of them available offline.
  • Listen to audio Bibles.
  • Set the app to remind you to read a daily reading and devotion or see a verse of the day in text or visual format.
  • See what your friends are reading, highlighting, sharing, or commenting about the Bible.
  • Watch videos to help you understand the Bible.
  • Bookmark verses.
  • Share verses with others via social media, email, or text.
taking notes in Bible app
The Bible note does let users take notes like you would in the margin of your paper Bible.

Accordance Bible Software

The Accordance App (Amazon Fire App) on Android has gotten better but still lags behind its iOS cousin and the other apps in our roundup for a couple of glaring weaknesses. First, you can’t add your own user notes yet. That’s gotta change, and Accordance should feel embarrassed they haven’t added the feature in 2021.

accordance bible app for android main screen
Accordance Bible app for Android

Second, the syncing features in the app are weak by comparison. Accordance should add its own syncing tool to keep your user content fresh on Android and a computer.

accordance text customization
Open the text customization menu using the button that looks like AA in the upper right corner.

While Accordance really needs the improvements above, it still deserves a spot in our top 5. Of course, you can read the Bible and other books in your library. Accordance sells a lot of great Bible study tools, thanks to a huge library of quality resources. They are often the first company to release a book when it gets published. For example, they released the new 2020 version of the NASB before the others on the list. Logos doesn’t even have it out yet.

accordance bible app ampllfy feature
Select a word and you will see the box at the bottom of the screen which shows Strong’s and definitions. Plus you can search or Amplify the text, which finds the entry in related books.

Accordance works great as a Bible or book reader. It lets you search, and you can select a word and Amplify it, which means study by searching for related content.

Tecarta Bible

Bible study observers may not know as much about Tecarta Bible (Amazon Fire App $5.99 for NIV) as the others in this roundup. But they should because it’s a decent app.

add notes to tecarta bible app on android one of the 5 best bible apps on android
Add notes using the Note screen in the right pane.

The app includes the most-used translations. You can download the KJV for free and buy others for download. If you don’t want to pay for a translation, you can “stream” them, which means use them as long as you have an Internet connection on your phone or tablet. You’ll have to buy commentaries, but unlike others, Tecarta lets you try them.

Tecarta will display books in parallel mode
Tecarta will display books in parallel mode so you can show a couple of translations and a commentary at the same time. It also shows other books in the right pane.

The app displays parallel translations and shows the commentary in a 2nd or 3rd window. Add notes, bookmarks, highlights, or share verses.

Add highlighting, bookmarks, notes, and more to Tecarta
Add highlighting, bookmarks, notes, and more to Tecarta.

If you tap and hold on a word, the app shows a box popup that says “Define,” and it will go online to give you a definition from an Internet search.

5 Best Bible Apps for Android and Fire Tablets for 2021 Summary

Which of the 5 apps included in our roundup of the 5 Best Bible Apps for Android should you download? Why not download all of them? Of course, you should start with the app from the company you already use on a computer, if you own one. I’m a Logos Bible Software user on my Macs, so I primarily use Logos, even though I like Olive Tree better on mobile.

UPDATE: If you use an Amazon Fire Tablet, you can’t download the Olive Tree app since it’s no longer supported. For a fifth Bible app on a Fire Tablet, look at Laridian’s Pocket Bible. It’s also terrific.

Update: You can also install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet. It’s complicated, but if you think you can handle it, fire up the Silk browser on your Fire and head over to the helpful how-to article at Android Police.

If you must make me recommend one over another, then I’m going with Olive Tree first. It’s got the cleanest and simplest interface. It has enough features for most users. People who need more advanced tools will likely not work on a tablet or smartphone very long. They’re using a computer-level Bible study suite from either Logos or Accordance. However, don’t end your search with Olive Tree. You can try out all of them for free and settle on one with the best features for your needs.

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  1. I used to like YouVersion. However I can no longer copy and paste or add or invite friends. I’ve done everything support has said to do and nothing fixes the problems. Am fed up and discussed.

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