What are the best apps for writing sermons? We have a bunch of options in 7 categories for sermon writing tools.

What tools do you use to write your sermons digitally? We’ve got the best apps for writing sermons digitally and we’ll explain why each works great and recommend the best single option.

Most of us no longer write out sermons by hand or type them on an old-fashioned typewriter. We write in Bible study software, a word processor, a notepad app, a note program, or some other software.

My video describes how to use Microsoft Word to write and then preach sermons.

Microsoft Word or Another Word Processor are Some of the Best Apps for Writing Sermons Digitally

The granddaddy of word processors comes from Microsoft. Most people who use a word processor write with Microsoft Word. Other options include a form of the open-source OpenOffice, like Libre Office Writer. OpenOffice is the foundation for Libre Office. It’s a great tool if you use Linus or want a powerful tool that you can get for free.

An iPad Pro 12.9 with my sermon notes on it.
Write sermons in a Word Processor like Microsoft Word
and then open the notes on an iPad or Android tablet to preach from them.

If you write your sermons with one of these powerful word processors, you will likely come up with your sermon outline, copy and paste text from a Bible program or the Internet, and formate it for preaching.

When I write in Microsoft Word, I format the document with large text for each major sermon division (read points). Each sermon has large green text so I can see it in the pulpit easily as I preach with my sermon notes open. Bible quotes use large bright red text and standard quotes from people or commentaries use large purple text.

The sermon syncs to my iPad using OneDrive and I open it in Word. The iPad sits on my podium so I can look down and check my notes as I preach through the sermon.

This works with an Android tablet or a Windows computer like a Microsoft Surface tablet.

sermon notes in Microsoft word
Go to iCloud.com to use Pages Online.

If you’re all in using Apple Hardware and software, go with Apple Pages and iCloud sync. It works well even if Pages doesn’t come with all the powerful features of Word or one of these open-source word processors.

Android and Chromebook users can take advantage of Google Docs and Drive.

Remember that Microsoft Word costs at least $6.99/month for the basic Microsoft 365 subscription. You can often find deals online on eBay or Amazon, but be careful that you’re buying from a reputable buyer.

Bible Study Software Sermon Writing Tools

logos 9 sermon builder and sermon manager
From the Tools menu in Logos 9 open the Sermon Manager to organize all of your sermons.
Open the Sermon Builder to create one sermon.

Logos 9 includes a useful Sermon Manager to create your sermon preaching calendar for weeks to years out in advance. Then, you open a single document with a tool called the Sermon Builder. This was a huge part of the Logos 9 upgrade. They worked to overall the sermon writing and organizing features to make it more usable.

Logos 9 users will love the way the built-in Sermon Builder syncs with their Proclaim worship presentation software. If you use it in your church, then you can create sermons in Logos 9 and it will sync to Presentation for the date the preacher is scheduled to preach that sermon.

publish sermon from logos

Using Logos and Proclaim together lets the preacher publish his sermon online in text mode. Plus the church can record both audio and video to publish podcasts or worship service videos.

Accordance Bible Software also lets users write inside the software. The Papers option works best. The video below shows how to create and edit Papers in Accordance 12 and later.

Creating Papers in Accordance Bible Software

You could also use things like Notes files and most Bible study apps. But the above two options work best for creating sermons that you can store inside the program and search later to reuse part or all of the sermon.

The cost of Bible software varies wildly depending on which vendor you buy from, what package of tools you purchase, and whether it’s on sale.

To get Logos 9 10% off, I’d appreciate you using my affiliate link at www.logos.com/KevinPurcell where you can buy a package and get a few free books too. I get a commission which helps me do my work here on this site and on my YouTube channel.

Tools like Olive Tree and Laridian PocketBible are free to cheap to get the basic app.

Note Apps Built Into Your Operating System are Useful Apps for Writing Sermons Digitally

As I said above, you could just write plant text or simply formatted text in a Note attached to a passage inside your Bible study program. If you use something Like Olive Tree or PocketBible, this might offer the best option.

Write sermons inside Logos 9 Notes or other Bible software notes.
Write your sermon inside the Notes feature of your Bible software.

Writing in a note gives you a simpler option when compared to complex word processors or advanced Bible software with a Sermon Builder or Paper feature like Logos or Accordance mentioned above.

Notability or Other iOS Apps for Writing Sermons by Hand

For users on iOS and Mac, try out the great note-taking apps like Notability on iPad and macOS. You can write using your handwriting, or typing. When you’re finished you can export the results as a PDF or image file.

There’s a segment of users who enjoy mind mapping their sermons. I’m not one but I’ve read about them. People like this will organize their sermon notes by putting the major subject in the center of the screen in a circle or box. Then they will draw lines away from the center to another shape for each major sermon division or point. Under each or around each they show their explanation, proof, and application for each main sub idea in the sermon. Add an introduction and conclusion and you’ve got a visual method of displaying the sermon.

Antoine wright's Sketch Notes is a kind of sermon in visual form like mind maps.
Antoine Wright does “sketch notes” for his messages. Here’s an example of some notes he took while I was preaching.

Above you’ll see a visual form of those from my friend Antoine Wright who visited my church and did what he called a “Sketch Note” of my sermon that day. You could do something like this for your sermon notes. If you’re not artistically inclined like Antoine, then you can use text or print instead of images.

You could use other note-taking apps like Apple Notes, Good Notes, and more.

Samsung Notes or Other Apps for Writing Sermons by Hand on Galaxy Android Devices

Another option for Android and Samsung users is Samsung Notes. It’s built into Samsung’s version of Android. I like using it because it’s simple and easy to learn. However, it has fewer features than Notability. If you could use. Notability on an Android device I would.

Use Samsung Notes to create notes with handwriting or type using a keyboard. The strategy is the same as it is for iOS handwriting apps.

Sermonary for Online Sermon Writing the Best of Online Apps for Writing Sermons Digitally

A final option includes a website that lets you write online called Sermonary. Here’s how it works. Create a new sermon and then add your sermon elements. Add sermon divisions or points. Then create subpoints for the explanation, proof, and application.

Sermonary Web Site for writing sermons online.

Sermonary includes Templates for different styles of sermons. You can use…

  • 3 Point Sermons
  • Andy Stanley’s ME-WE-GOD-YOU-ME format
  • Running commentary format
  • Defender’s Outline for an apologetics sermon
  • Children’s Leader
  • Youth Pastor
sermon series ideas from sermonary
Sermon Series Ideas

The service adds resources to help you preach the word including some visuals, sermon series ideas, and more.

Sermonary costs nothing for the basic editor. Add more features and you’ll pay $19/month or $69/month for a bundle with Sermonary and Ministry Pass. That adds sermon series ideas, visuals for presentations, holiday sermons, plus sermon illustrations.

In addition to Sermonary, instead, you could use any online writing tools like…

  • Google Docs
  • Word Online
  • Grammarly

Text-based Writing Tools with Markup to Write Sermons in Plain Text

Text Editor on a Mac in plain text mode offers a simple distraction-free writing environment
Text Editor on a Mac in plain text mode offers a simple distraction-free writing environment.

Some people prefer simple text editors. Almost every computer or mobile device includes a text-based writing app like Notepad on Windows, Apple Text Edit on macOS, and Apple Notes on iOS, iPadOS, or macOS.

Writer Plus running on Android
Writer Plus running on Android (Samsung Tablet in DEX Mode)

If you’re an Android user, you might find a good text editor, but sometimes you need to download one from the Google Play Store. Consider Writer Plus a great Android text editor available on both iOS and Android. Use it as a basic text editor or add markdown to format your text. The app is free with the option to donate via in-app purchase.

Recommendation for Writing Sermons

If you have access to Microsoft Word, then go with it. It’s cross-platform meaning you can move from iOS to Android to Windows to Mac and back. Second, it’s not tied to one Bible study program. The death of Bibleworks and Wordsearch recently proves we should move carefully deeper into one platform’s ecosystem. I like to keep as much as possible separate from my Bible software.

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  1. Love your videos Kevin, used to always watch the old Theotek podcasts with you and Rick Mansfield, years ago,
    Have you ever used Scrivener for writing sermons Kevin?
    I tend to use Word mostly, for the reasons you gave. I used to use Scrivener for essays when I was in bible college, because the ‘index card’ approach used helped with organisational structure, but never really tried it for my sermons.
    I’ve always been a little wary of using Logos as I wasn’t sure how reliable the sermon editor was.

    1. I have used it, but it’s just too much software for what I need. Where it is actually more than I really need but I have it and I’m used to using it.

  2. Good morning, I’m wondering if you have used, or know of anyone who has used Plottr in their sermon preparation

      1. Yea, We built it about 2 years ago and have been giving it away to pastors for free while learning from them to further build out the product. Getting interested in adding some AI assistant type capabilities now 😁

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