Accordance Can Show Your Logos and Wordsearch Books

If you own Accordance and also own libraries in Logos Bible Software and Wordsearch Bible Software, there’s a way to use your books in Accordance. I’ll show you how to create a simple workspace in Accordance to use the two web apps in the program. This also works with other online Bible study sites as well as any site you use in sermon and Bible study prep.

Click the settings icon in the upper right next to your account photo. Choose Settings in the menu that pops up.

UPDATE: Wordsearch is no longer in production so the parts of this article that apply to it are no longer applicable. Also, Logos has changed the way you change the function to enable compatibility mode. Instead open settings as described below and then change the Enable limited view mode from NO to YES.

Follow the steps in the next section to create a new workspace in Accordance so you can quickly open your new browser workspace. You can also make the Logos Web App your default page in the Accordance Preferences. Open Preferences and go to Web & Text Browser and add the website URL HTTP://app.logos.com to the Homepage box.

Create a New Workspace

UPDATE: You don’t have to create a new workspace, but it’s best if you want to save this setup for future use.

First, lets create a new workspace in Accordance. If you already know how to do that, skip to the next section.

Create New Workspace in Accordance: File and then New Workspace.

Click on the File menu and choose New Workspace. Next, we’ll open the books and the Accordance Web Browser.

Open any book you want to use in Accordance. Let’s assume you want just a Bible and maybe your notes.

Open the translation of the Bible you want. I use NKJV primarily. So I opened that on the left side of the Workspace where my Library shows the books I own. If your library is not open, which it normally does by default when you create a new workspace, then open it from the toolbar using the Library button second from the left.

Create a new Workspace from File, New Tab and then Web Browser

To open a Web Browser, go to File and the New Tab and then Web Browser at the bottom of the New Tab menu. Now, enter the addresses for the web apps for Logos and Wordsearch Bible. They are as follows:

What other Bible web sites do you enjoy using? I’ve created a round up of some of the best online bibles part one and part two, so give them a look.

If you use Logos Web App, you will need to enable compatibility mode to select, right-click and search Accordance from the Logos Web App page.

Remember that with Logos’s web app you will need to turn on compatibility mode. If you do not, you will not be able to select a word and then right-click the word and do an search. To do that, when you have the web app open, click on your user icon in the upper left.

UPDATE: Save the new Workspace from the File menu.

UPDATE 2: This also works with Amazon Cloud Reader. See below:

amazon cloud reader

Search Accordance from a Selected Word in Logos or Wordsearch Web Apps.

Select a word in the Logos Web App and right-click. Then choose something like Research and then maybe Dictionaries to see a bunch of

Why would you want to do this? You can select a word in your Wordsearch or Logos web app Bible and search for it in Accordance books. Let’s say I have a book I don’t own in Accordance, but I do own it in one of the other programs – like a commentary or a Greek or Hebrew text. I can select that word and then find it in your dictionaries or I can select a verse reference in a commentary or other book and open it in Accordance to do some research in Accordance.

I selected perish in the CSB in my Logos Web App and searched in my commentaries (see image before this one). The commentaries in Accordance show all of the instances of the word in every entry.

Take Advantage of Switcher and Crossgrade Deals

If you want to switch from Logos or Wordsearch or something other program and can show the company your proof of purchase, you can get nice discounts. Take a look at the How to Buy page for more information.

Just an explanation, Accordance has not given me any books to write this post. I have years ago been given books when I reviewed Accordance at ChurchTechToday.com and at the now defunct Christian Computing Magazine. I was also given a copy of some books when I reviewed just those books on this site.


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