BbileWorks 10 Arrives – Get a Free Book

BibleWorks, one of the best scholarly original language Bible study tools available, got a big update to BibleWorks 10. The company is also partnering with Crossway to give away a free book for people who order in the first wave.

bibleworks 10

BibleWorks puts the Bible at the heart at its user-interface. They give users a quick way to view Bible content with powerful searching features and excellent original language study tools. The program includes almost every popular modern Bible translation. You also get the best Greek and Hebrew tools including access to NA28.

What’s New in BibleWorks 10

bibleworks 10 epub reader

One of the most exciting new features is the EPUB reader. If you own books in EPUB format, the new BibleWorks 10 will read these books opening up your BibleWorks library to more than just the books that BibleWorks sells.

bibleworks 10 screenshot


The new BibleWorks 10 user-interface will let the user customize, not only the window layout as always, but also the color.

bibleworks 10 colors

With BibleWorks 9, the program could show four columns, but now the user can close a column easily. The person can also change the color of the borders. Plus, customize the tabs easily.

bibleworks 10 mac

Mac users will get a better installer and the screenshots make it look more like a native Mac app that earlier versions.

A few other awesome new features include…

  • Colors for Morphology – tag a word with a color based on the morphology
  • Screen Scaling – looks better on different screen resolutions
  • Leningradensis Codex Images – high-resolution images of the OT texts
  • Essential Biblical Hebrew, Jan Verbruggen – a Hebrew Grammar text in digital form
  • User Lexicon Tab – this lets users create their own lexicon by adding notes to any word and notes show up when we mouse over the word
  • Fuzzy Search – search for a word like love and it gives us many forms
  • Holy Land Pictures Database – high res photos from the Holy Land

bibleworks 10 pictures database

Get a Free Book from Crossway

People who order BibleWorks 10 before May 3 will get free copy of Interpreting the New Testament Text. You can also get half off any ebooks bought from Crossway.org. That’s a nice perk considering the great library available through Crossway.



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