People don't like Accordance 14 because it's buggy and many new features don't work. So here's how to downgrade to Accordance 13 from 14.

Accordance 14 came out a few weeks ago, but many report significant problems with the update. That’s why people want to downgrade from Accordance 14 to Accordance 13.

Fortunately, downgrading safely is easy. Here’s how to downgrade from Accordance 14 to Accordance 13.

How to Downgrade to Accordance 13 from Version 14

rename accordance
Right-click on the Accordance app in the Applications folder on a Mac. This doesn’t work on Windows.
  1. Right-click the file in the Applications folder on your Mac. Sorry, this only works on a Mac.
  2. Choose Rename. If you have Accordance 14 installed, then rename it to Accordance 14. It will, by default, be named Accordance.
  3. Now hit Enter on your keyboard or click anywhere outside the pop-up menu. You’ve now renamed the app to Accordance 14.
  4. Install Accordance 13 by downloading it from the Accordance website. Double-click the downloaded file, which is most likely saved in your Downloads folder.
  5. Drag the file to the Applications folder. This will appear in a window that opens when you double-click the downloaded file. See below.
drag the accordance app to the applications folder
Drag the Accordance app file to the Applications folder in this window.

If you want to clarify that this newly installed copy is version 13, you may want to follow the above steps to rename the new app Accordance 13. Then double-click it or open it from Launchpad.

This should keep all of your customizations and settings in place. You won’t need to download the library files again.

How to Backup Accordance Settings

Some people in the Accordance user forums report that this method messed up their library organization and settings. To ensure you can get yours back, backup the right files to quickly restore them if installing Accordance 13 alongside 14 messes up your installation.

Open Finder and go to your Home folder. It will probably have your name on it. Then click on the Go button on the Menu bar while you hold down the OPTION key on your keyboard. This shows Library as a destination. Click on Library and then release the OPTION key.

Click on Application Support and then Accordance in your Library folder. You could just copy all the folders in this Accordance folder to a temporary place, like your Desktop.

download accordanc3e 13 from the accordance website
Download the installation file from the Accordance website.

After downloading Accordance 13 from the Accordance website, open the file, and the DMG will pop up with two icons. One for Accordance 13 and one for your Applications folder. Drag the Accordance file into the Applications folder. I’d suggest renaming Accordance to Accordance 13, so you can differentiate between versions 14 and 13. Now open it.

files to back up and restore in Accordance support preferences

Everything should be as it was when you finished customizing things like your library and display theme. If your Library is not in the custom order, you place it in, then restore your files from the backup. You don’t really need to restore all of them. Only the Text Library.apref file and the Tool Library.apref file need to be copied back to the proper spot.

Close Accordance, open two Finder windows with the backup folder in one, and open the other to Library, Application Support, Accordance, and Accordance Preferences. Drag the Text Library.apref and the Tool Library.apref from the backup folder to the Library folder.

2 thoughts on “How to Downgrade from Accordance 14 to Accordance 13

  1. Thank you for this Kevin. I think the caveat is when changes are made to User Tools under v. 14. I have my sermons under a User Tool and changes were made under 14 but they will not open under v. 13. I’m going to try and restore an old version from Dropbox from before I updated to 14, but I could neither open the sermons under the IOS nor under the downgrade to 13. Love Accordance, but 14 seems to have been rushed.

    1. Indeed it was rushed but in think they’ll get it fixed eventually. We’ll have to be patient. Other more major changes like the mobile apps getting updated may be a lot longer. They don’t have many working on them right now.

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