You can run the Logos Web App like a desktop program using a cool little known Safari feature or a simple Chrome Extenstion.

Would you like to open the Logos Web App for Logos Bible Software with a single action like you would with the desktop version of Logos? Instead of opening your browser and browsing the Logos Web App website for online Bible study, use a cool Safari feature you probably didn’t know existed or an excellent Chrome Extension that works on both Mac and Windows. There’s also a feature in the Windows Edge browser that installs a web page like an app. You can use them to install the Logos Web App to work like a Desktop Program instead of a bookmark or favorite.

Why Use the Logos Web App Instead of the Desktop Program?

installing desktop app takes up more space than the logos web app. mine uses nearly 70GB.
My Logos library takes up nearly 70GB of space, while the Logos Web App runs efficiently in my browser and consumes far less space.

Why do some people prefer the Logos Web App for great Bible study on a website instead of Logos Bible Software’s desktop program?

  1. Logos Web App Runs Faster, Usually: If you use Logos while connected to a fast Internet connection, you can probably get things done faster on the web app than the desktop program.
  2. Logos Desktop App Can Consume a Lot of Space: If I install the desktop program, my Logos library consumes nearly 70 GB of space, while the Web App uses much less.
  3. Users Find the Web App’s User Interface Simpler: Many people prefer the user interface on the website. It seems less complicated than the desktop program. It’s also not as feature-filled.
  4. Run Logos on Linux or ChromeOS: Logos doesn’t make native versions that run on Linux or ChromeOS. You can run the Android app on some ChromeOS computers, but you may want the Logos Web App version since it looks and works more like the desktop.
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How to Create a Safari Web App That Behaves Like a Computer Program

This only works in Safari on a Mac, which I use 99% of the time. Below, we’ll show you how to do it in Chrome so you can do this on your Windows computer.

use the Add to Dock command from the File menu of Safari to add the web app to your dock.
Go to File and Add to Dock to add the page icon to your dock. Unfortunately, you can’t drag it to your desktop or Applications folder from there. It’s stuck in the Dock.

Go to the Logos Web App page. You’ll find it at app.logos.com. You can also try out the beta version by using the address beta.app.logos.com. Click on the File menu in Safari and choose Add to Dock towards the bottom of the menu. This adds the icon on the right below to your Dock.

comparison between the desktop and web apps of logos
Comparison between the Desktop app (#1) and the Web App Safari Shortcut (#2).

You’ll now see an icon in the Dock on your Mac that looks like the Logos logo with white trim around a slightly smaller logo instead of the larger logo with no white trim (see comparison image above).

The Logos Web App doesn't show the Safari User Interface, such as the URL bar, bookmarks bar, and tabs
The Logos Web App doesn’t show the Safari User Interface, such as the URL bar, bookmarks bar, and tabs.

Click on the Web App Icon to open the Logos Web App in Safari. It opens the page in a simplified Safari window. The Safari User Interface includes the Safari URL bar, bookmarks bar, and tabs. You won’t see them in the Web App Mode created by adding the page to your dock. This makes the Web App look better than it does in Safari.

How to Add a Chrome Web App for Logos Using a Chrome Extension

Users of Chrome on Mac and Windows can also add a Web App to their computer that works similarly. Go to the Chrome Web Store and find the extension Install as App. Click Add to Chrome in the upper right corner of the extension’s Web Store page.

Click on the Add Extension button to install the Chrome extension
Click on the Add Extension button to install the Chrome extension.

After installing the Extension on Chrome, click the Extensions button on the toolbar. Click the Pin icon next to the extension to make it always visible on the toolbar unless you want to hide it and only access it when you need it.

chrome extension install as app
If you want to make it easy to find the Install as App extension, click on the Extensions button at the right end of the Chrome toolbar. Then, find the extension and click the Pin icon to pin it to the toolbar.

Head over to the Logos Web App, either the stable release or beta version, and then click on the Install as App button you just placed on the toolbar. If you skipped that step because you don’t want it visible on the toolbar, click the Extensions button to show the list of extensions installed in Chrome. Click Install as App to add the Logos Web App to your Chrome Web Apps folder. The app will also ask if you want to add it to your Windows Taskbar. I chose to add it.

Where to Find Chrome Web Apps on Windows or Mac

You’ll find the Chrome Web Apps folder in Finder in your Home folder (the one with your login name for macOS). Open Finder and go to your Home folder. You’ll see the Applications folder. Click on it, and you’ll see a Chrome Apps folder. The Logos Web App icon sits in this folder. The link automatically placed in your Dock points to this folder. Here’s the folder’s location on Mac.

/Users/kevin/Applications/Chrome Apps

On Windows, the Chrome Web Apps folder will show up in your Windows User folder at the following location:

C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Web Applications

Open the folder that has a long name with random characters. There, you’ll find your Web Apps on Windows.

On Mac, you can drag these to the Dock or Desktop or, if you prefer, into your Applications folder. On Windows, you can drag the icon to the Desktop or Taskbar.

Install a Web App Using Microsoft Edge

how to install a web app on edge
Click the menu icon (it looks like three horizontal dots at the right end of the Edge toolbar. Choose Apps and Install Logos Bible Study to install the Logos Web App as an app using Edge.

Microsoft Edge will also install a web page as an app. To do so, head to the Logos Web App (stable or beta version) and click on the three dots icon at the right end of your Edge toolbar. Find the Apps item in the menu that pops up. Then, choose Install Logos Bible Study to install the Logos Web App using Edge.

settings to install web apps in Edge
Open the customization menu from inside an Edge Web App. Select your customizations.

Notice there’s also an option to View apps on that Apps menu flyout. You can find all web pages that you installed as Web Apps. A window opens that lets you customize the Web Apps. Click Open next to the Web App, and it will open. With the Web App open in a simplified Edge window, click the three horizontal dots icon, and you’ll find the customization there, too.

You can pin the app to your taskbar, the Start menu, or the Desktop. You can also restart the Web App when you log into Windows.

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