If you want to enjoy the new Theotek podcast, we'll show you how to subscribe to podcasts in various apps or with an RSS link.

You hear a lot about podcasts, but how do you listen to them easily without going to the podcast’s website? We’ll look at how to subscribe to podcasts in your favorite app, like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or my favorite, Pocket Casts.

how to subscribe to podcasts in your favorite app

Listeners can easily subscribe to podcasts by opening their podcast app of choice and search for it. If you own an iPhone you have an accept podcast app already. Apple Podcasts come installed on your iPhone. If you removed it or it’s not there, just search the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and download it.

How to Subscribe to Podcasts in Apple Podcasts

Fire up the app, hit the Search tab in the lower right corner, and type in the Podcast title. If you type in Theotek, it should be the first one on the list, but the jerks at Apple prioritize other shows not named Theotek, so slide right to find it. Tap the cover art as seen above and then hit the three little dots menu button in the upper right. Choose Subscribe.

How to Subscribe to Podcasts in Pocket Casts

My favorite podcast app works so much better than Apple’s app. Pocket Casts finds the right Theotek podcast when you search the title. Open it up and tap on Discover instead of Search like you did in Apple Podcasts. Type in the tame Theotek or another podcast title. Tap on the cover art that shows our faces and hit Subscribe.

I don’t use Google Podcasts or Spotify, the other most popular apps. Unfortunately, the Google Podcast app doesn’t find the right Theotek podcast. It finds the old one that we used to host on our website. So you’ll need to use this link to subscribe to Google Podcasts from the web. Here’s a link for the podcast on Spotify.

How to Subscribe to Podcasts Using the RSS Feed Link

RSS Feeds Links help podcast players find each episode and deliver them so you don’t have to go download the episodes when they come out. Set your podcast app to download them automatically.

If you want to subscribe to the Theotek podcast or any other podcast using an RSS feed, then you’ll need to find the feed link for the podcasts. For example, here’s Theotek’s RSS feed link.


You can also go to the Anchor.fm website to find links to your favorite Podcast service.

Every podcast has a unique URL called an RSS feed. A URL is a website address like www.kevinpurcell.org for this site. However, an RSS feed tells a Podcast app or an RSS reader important information to find a new episode of a podcast and tell your podcast or newsreader to get the new episode.

I use an app called Pocket Casts. The app finds every episode each time the app sends a message to the website asking if there’s new content. If there’s new content, the RSS feed replies saying, “Yes. We have a great new episode, and you can download it at this address.”

How to subscribe to an RSS feed of a podcast with Pocket Casts.

Using Pocket Casts, users can add a new RSS feed by going to the Search tab and paste the RSS feed into the search field. Hit the Search button, and it will show you the Podcast. Tap it to go to the page. Tap the Subscribe button in the upper right corner.

Other apps or services have similar methods of subscribing to a podcast. For example, Google Podcasts allows you to add them on the website – podcast.google.com.

How to subscribe to a podcast using Google Podcasts.

In the upper left corner of Google Podcasts website, you will see a link that reads + Add by RSS Feed. Click it to add the podcast RSS feed URL manually.

How to Add a Podcast RSS Feed Link to Apple Podcasts

Subscribe to a Podcast in Apple Podcasts using RSS

Using Apple Podcasts, you can subscribe with an RSS feed too. Tap on the Library tab at the bottom of the page. Then find the Edit button in the upper right corner. Tap it and select Add a Show by URL… at the bottom of the list.

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