Laridian PocketBible for Mac version 1.3 hit this week with a few new features for users of the deceptively simple yet powerful Bibles study tool. One notable feature includes support for Laridian’s latest Bibles that display text in a more useful way. This includes one example, mentioned in an email from Craig Rairdin, Laridian’s CEO and chief programmer. The NIV with Goodrick-Kohlenberger Numbers will not support Laridian PocketBible for Mac.

laridian pocketbible 1.3 for mac announcement
Email sent to users of the Laridian PocketBible for Mac.

How to Install Laridian PocketBible for Mac 1.3 Update

To get this free update you only need to select Check for Updates in the Laridian PocketBible for Mac menu at the top left of the Mac menu bar (see below).

laridian pocketbible for mac ckeck for update

The download will install bringing your copy  up to vision 1.3.

download pocketbible for mac

If you own a copy of Laridian PocketBible for Mac but don’t already have it installed, then go to the company’s website and log in. Click on Download from the top of the website or click on the link labelled Mac OS X along the right side under Download Our FREE PocketBible App! as seen above. This puts a DMG file most likely in your Downloads folder. Double click it and then drag the PocketBible icon into the Applications folder seen in that window that pops up when you download the DMG file.

How to Install Books on Laridian PocketBible for Mac

You will need to register the program after you open it for the first time. MacOS may give you a warning before it opens the newly installed PocketBible for Mac, but it’s save to let it open. Then register by typing in your email and password.

pocketbible for mac download books

If you’re installing this for the first time not your Mac, then click on the Books (#1 above) menu at the top next to the PocketBible menu on the left side. Then click on Cloud Library or if you prefer use the keyboard combo CMD+L. This opens the screen that lets you install books. You can install all books by clicking the Download All Books (#2 above) button on the lower left of the window. You can help yourself to find only new books by click on Hide books already downloaded (#3 above).

Aside from supporting new Laridian Bible formats, they also fixed some minor bugs. There was something they called “wiggling” that happened when you moved to a new verse. Text would “wiggle”. I’ve not seen this, but I’ll take Mr. Rairdin’s word for it that he fixed it since I don’t see it in v. 1.3.

Lairdian PocketBible for Mac Advanced Feature Set Updates

If you own the Advanced Feature Set, then you can hover over a Bible reference and your settings will let you either show or hide the footnotes in a pop up window. You can add the set from the PocketBible menu. The Advanced Feature Set costs $9.99/year on Mac only and $17.99/year for all platforms. Some of the benefits of the Advanced Features Set include (copied from Laridian’s website):

  • Searching enhancements – search your entire library in one operation (normal search applies only to the active book).
  • Note-taking enhancements – create Journal Notes that are not connected to any Bible verse or reference book. Will sync with other versions of PocketBible that have this feature (currently iOS).
  • Automatic Study Options
    • A Library Navigator shows you everywhere in your library that the current Bible verse is discussed.
    • Automatically produce an in-depth study of any verse using all (or selected) books in your library.
    • Automatically produce an in-depth study of any word using all (or selected) books in your library.
    • Automatically produce a document containing today’s (or any day’s) Bible readings using one or more devotionals and one or more Bibles from your library.
    • Hover over Bible links in books to quickly read the verse from your preferred Bible.
  • Highlighting Enhancements
    • Rename your highlight colors to be more relevant to the purpose of the color.
  • Speech Synthesis Enhancements
    • Uses built-in OS X speech synthesis to read a selected passage, read the linked-to Bible verses, or start reading until it is told to stop.
    • Choose custom voices and speaking rates for English books, Spanish books, and the Greek New Testament.
  • Layout Enhancements
    • Create multiple, named screen layouts for different purposes (for example, one for devotional reading, one for lesson preparation, and one for note-taking during sermons).
    • Create a special layout for devotional reading that will be activated when the Today button is pressed.
    • Maximize a book to use the entire PocketBible Window.
    • Maximize a pane to use the entire PocketBible Window.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Control Special Offer notifications telling you about recent discount offers for which you have been made eligible.
    • The Study Panel uses a small toolbar instead of text tabs.

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