Faithlife released Logos 9 Basic edition, the free version of their software. Find out what's included and what's not included and get a discount on some expansion libraries.

Last fall, Faithlife released Logos 9 Bible Software, a powerful and complete Bible program useful to Biblical scholars, preachers, and teachers alike. Now they released Logos 9 Basic, the free version of the upgraded program.

logos 9 basic

When Logos releases a major new update, they wait for a few months before releasing the program’s basic version with a diminished feature set. This month we finally saw that Logos 9 Basic version for free.

Logos 9 Basic Features Included

Here’s what you get with the Logos 9 Basic version if you never downloaded a previous version of Logos. If you have an older version, you may already own some of the following.

  • Reverse Interlinear Support
  • Interactive Media
  • Workflows that help you study the Bible in a systematic way
  • Over 40 Books and Bible study tools
  • Customizable Bible reading plans
  • Customizable book reading plans
  • Take notes with formatting and links to websites or other tools inside Logos
  • Highlight books and the Bible
  • Read devotionals
  • Tie commentaries to the Bible displayed in the program
  • ESV and Lexham English Bible Audio Bibles

Some of the books you get include Faithlife Study Bible, Charles Hodge’s Systematic Theology, the Christian Standard Bible, and the Lexham English Bible. You can also use Easton’s Bible Dictionary and Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary.

The total value of the free books included in the basic version hits a value of over $900.

Users can run Logos 9 on their Mac or Windows computers. It also syncs up with mobile devices running iOS or Android, including Amazon’s Fire tablets.

If you need helps with Logos, then head over to their active forums full of users willing to help.

Discounts on Paid Packages

If you download and like Logos 9 Basic edition, then consider upgrading to one of the following packages. If you use my affiliate link, you’ll help me out with the cost of hosting this website. The deals below run through February 2021.

Logos 9 Fundamentals with 5 Additional Books

You can get the following books with Logos 9 for only $50. That’s half off the normal price of Logos 9 Fundamentals. The prices below are the normal cost if you bought them individually:

  • A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Genesis $37.99
  • The Atonement: In Its Relations to the Covenant, the Priesthood, the
  • Intercession of Our Lord $ 9.99
  • Studies in Theology $9.99
  • How to Study the Bible for the Greatest Profit $12.99
  • Spurgeon Commentary: 1 Peter $12.99

Library Expansion Sale

logos 9 library expansion gospel studies

Faithlife offers a set of Library Expansion packages that help new users add more books at a discount. Again, using the link here gives me a little kickback to help defray the costs of hosting Theotek here and my YouTube Page and new Podcast.

What’s Missing in the Basic Edition

With the paid versions of Logos 9, you’ll get more books. For example, the Logos 9 Standard Versions add anywhere from 70 to 700 resources. You also will get more feature sets with the larger versions of Logos 9. You’ll get some advanced preaching and ministry tools, 40 reverse interlinear Bibles for language study. Compare them on the Starter page.

Logos includes a lot of great visual tools like maps, visual ways of displaying information, and great interactive media.

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