The idea of an online Bible study tool seems enticing to a lot of digital Bible students today. Logos Cloud is a subscription-based Bible study library for anywhere from $9/month to $100/month with the promise of a powerful online web app coming in the future. Are you interested in renting your theological library and using it on the web? Would you pay anywhere from $9 to $100 for it? Would you sign up before Faithlife finishes the online part of the service?

logos cloud
Logos Cloud is an online theological library focused on new users of the Bible software. Would you pay to rent a theological library?

How Much is Logos Cloud

Head on over to LogosCloud.com to find out more about the service. Here’s the basics.

  1. It’s intended for new customers, not people who already own large libraries since they’d essentially be paying to rent what they already own.
  2. The name’s a bit of a misnomer since Logos doesn’t yet offer a robust online solution. For now, even “Logos Cloud” subscribers will want to download and install the desktop app to get the full features of Logos Bible Software.
  3. Not all books will be available since some publishers are stuck in 1991 when there wasn’t an Internet prevalent in society and they don’t want people using digital books for fear they will pirate it, which by the way tempts people to pirate more than they would if said publishers would wake up and get a clue.
  4. The service costs as follows:
    1. Essentials – $8.99 for a basic set of tools in a “small theological library” that focuses on understanding, reading and searching the English Bible.
    2. Plus – $19.99 for some Greek, Hebrew, original manuscripts, and content on early church fathers. Scholars will want to start at this level.
    3. Premium – $49.99 for the Essentials and the Plus levels of Logos Cloud. This adds the full Logos features set and a large collection of media.
    4. Unnamed – $99.99 for something like the Collector’s Edition of Logos. The LogosCloud.com site doesn’t even mention this subscription level. You have to read Phil Gons’ forum post to know about it.

logos cloud prices

We’re not sure yet what subscribers will get for now. We’ll know more after June 1 when free early access starts for those who sign up early. Sign up for the $50 level and you will get early access. Do this by clicking on the button on the LogosCloud.com page that reads: Get free early access. When a person clicks on the green button with that label the next page asks users to share the page via Faithlife’s social network, Twitter, or Facebook. Click Next and this takes users to a page offering to include the person in a Faithlife group devoted to Logos Cloud.

In the “About” section of the Faithlife group for Logos Cloud, we’re told that early access for those who signed up will start on June 1 and end June 30. I suppose early adopters will see the $49.99 charge on their credit cards at that point.

There Should Be Something for Loyal Customers

Faithlife should offer another Logos Cloud subscription level. Owners of large Logos libraries may want more. They should get access to something like the Premium or higher level access for a reduced cost, since such customers will likely already own some or even much of what these levels will offer. I’d certainly change my Logos Now subscription ($8.99/month) over to the Plus or Premium if they cost $20-$30/month.

Logos Web App Not Ready for Primetime

Like Logos Now, the Logos Cloud subscription service comes with access to the online web app. It’s nowhere near ready since many of the features, like the Exegetical Guide, Home Page, Documents Menu and more don’t even work yet. Faithlife just updated the Passage Guide with a rudimentary version. I demoed it on YouTube this week.

I hope the web app gets there, but it’s not really worth $9/month. If you think that Logos Now or Logos Cloud are cloud-based Bible study, you’re wrong. It shows promise, but it’s not there yet.

3 thoughts on “Logos Cloud: A Subscription Based Online Bible Library

  1. I have been with Logos since 1990. My library is extensive. If Lifeway would reimburse me for everything I purchased, and that is in the thousands of dollars, I would consider subscribing to one of their options. Otherwise, I am ready to leave and try my aletnatives: BibleSoft and WordSeach.

    1. Unfortunately, you didn’t give your money to Lifeway, but to Logos so that’s not a likely scenario. I do know that Accordance Bible Software will give deep discounts if you can prove you own content on another Bible software company’s platform.

      As for Biblesoft, I wouldn’t go in that direction right now. They’re not really innovating. We’ve not seen anything new in years. WORDsearch and Accordance is the place to go if you want a decent library and the best study tools. Olive Tree and Laridian are right there with them, but they’re a lot simpler and as a result don’t have as powerful a set of research tools, but great on the mobile side.

      Thanks for reading and your comments.

      1. I switch to Logos from Wordsearch and I have to say Logos is light years ahead of anything that Wordsearch has to offer. However, with that said Wordsearch is much cheaper and they will price match books and offer deep discounts if you ask. I know Logos is more expensive but that is because it is the best bible study software out there. If you haven’t tried Logos 6 try it out. If you don’t LOVE it then request a full refund within 30 days and move on. But I have to say it is AMAZING! In addition, I would recommend ordering the LearnLogos.com training as it is the cheapest and best training out there for Logos that will help you get the most out of the software. I hope that helps. Blessings!

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