Logos released a new feature as part of the Logos Pro subscription service that uses AI to help you see information related to your passage. Here's how to use the new Logos Insights Toolbar in Logos Pro.

Everyone wants AI in their service, applications, mobile apps, and websites. Logos jumped on the bandwagon recently with new features, including the new Logos Insights Sidebar. Think of the Insights Sidebar as a simpler guide that shows you 3 things:

  1. Top books.
  2. AI translation of the text.
  3. AI-powered summary of the currently displayed content.

To get the new Logos Insights Sidebar, users must subscribe to Logos Pro, the new subscription service that gives users early access to new features. It costs $9.99/month and replaces Faithlife Connect, which did the same thing. Along with the Logos Insights Sidebar, you’ll get the following:

the new logos ai in sermon builder
Use Sermon Assistant in the Sermon Builder to find Sermon Illustrations using AI in Logos 10
  • Smart Search with AI – You don’t need complicated syntax search commands.
  • AI Summaries of Content in Books – Tell Logos to summarize a Bible chapter, a book section, or other library content.
  • Sermon Assistant – Find sermon illustrations or quotes using AI in Sermon Builder, a sermon editor in Logos 10.
books included in logos pro

In addition to the new Insights Sidebar and the three features listed above, you’ll also get access to hundreds of books.

How to Use the New Logos Insights Sidebar on Desktop

Open a Bible or other book to use the new Logos Insights Sidebar. You’ll see a button on the right end of the toolbar in that book’s window (see screenshot below).

how to open the logos insights toolbar

You’ll see a new window that opens to the right of the book’s window. It has three buttons on the toolbar.

  • Translation – Translates the content in the book window from one language to another using AI Translation.
  • Summarize – Gives the user a summary of the Bible chapter or the book article.
  • Insights – This shows you three things: Related Books, a Commentary, and Related Passages.

The third button is new. Logos describes it as a simplified Passage Guide. You don’t always need all of the features in the default Passage Guide. The Logos Insights Toolbar will give you just a few references to help you understand your passage. You can click on More>> to read the whole article.

Logos chooses what to show based on your prioritization. You’ll get your highest prioritized study Bible or commentary. It also shows your top cross-reference tool.

The third section of the Insights Panel shows cross-references, such as the New Testament Use of the Old Testament. You’ll get a quick cross-reference for the current verse. Click the book title at the bottom of the box to open it and show the full entry for that passage.

How to use the New Logos Insights Toolbar on the Web App

When you use the Logos Web app, there’s no window to open. Instead, you’ll see the three tabs on the main Bible toolbar. You still get the Translate, Summarize, and Insights buttons on the right side of the toolbar. After you click on the button, the Web app opens the new window.

the logos insights toolbar in the web app
The Logos Insights Toolbar appears on the main toolbar in the Logos Web App. Click to open the Logos Insights Toolbar button.

The Logos Insights Toolbar button opens the same content in the new window, related books and related passages. It works the same as the Desktop version described above.

How to Choose Different References in the Logos Insights on Desktop and Web App

change books in the logos insights panel

On your desktop, you can change the book in the related books section of Insights. Click on the down arrow next to the book title, and a list of books you can use instead will appear (see above). It looks different in the Web app (see below).

change logos insights books on desktop

On the Web app, click on Change, and the drop-down menu shows books you can open to replace what’s shown in the Insights window.

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1 thought on “New Logos Insights Sidebar with AI for Logos Pro Users

  1. At first I didn’t know what to think about the Insights pane, but it’s beginning to remind me of the Cross References pane in earlier versions of Wordsearch. It would be neat if it continued to be fleshed out to be similar to the Cross References pane in Wordsearch. It’s a feature I used in earlier versions of Wordsearch and missed when Wordsearch took it out of the pane (even though it was still around in Cross References Explorer). Kind of fun to see a small revival of it.

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