What Logos Bible App should I install on my device? When a new user enters the Apple App Store on their iPhone or iPad or the Google Play Store on their Android phone, tablet or Chromebook, they might search for Logos or Bible or Faithlife, if they know the name of the company that makes Logos. They will discover a handful of apps. Which one should a new user install?

Let’s take a look at the various apps and see what each one does for the user. This will help you decide which one to install on your phone, tablet or Chromebook.

Logos Bible Study Apps

First, let’s consider that Logos offers more than just Logos Bible Study apps. They also have an app for their Faithlife TV service, their Faithlife social network, and to control their Proclaim worship software presentation. If you’re looking for a Bible study app then you don’t need to bother with these.

In the screenshot above the heading, notice in the center screenshot there’s a section labelled Faithlife Corporation. You’ll find this in the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on it to see all of the company’s apps. You’ll see on the next screen the list of all their apps. A section of this next screen reads Apps. You’ll see the following listed:

  • Proclaim Remote – controls the Proclaim worship software by connecting the phone to your computer running the software.
  • Faithlife TV – shows videos that Faithlife distributes including training videos that fit in their Mobile Education tools. Think of Mobile Education as online seminary without the accreditation.
  • Faithlife Ebooks – this shows books that a user might own. Faithlife sees this as a kind of Kindle for Christian books. You can see all of your commentaries, Bibles, dictionaries and more if you want. Or you can set it up only to show you Christian Ebooks, like the latest from Max Lucado or Charles Stanley or Christian fiction. It’s not a serious Bible study app, but useful for reading books.
  • Biblia! – Spanish language Bible study app. Serious Bible study for Spanish speakers.
  • Verbum Catholic Bible Study – a scholarly approach to Bible study from the Catholic perspective. If you’re Catholic and want to do serious Bible study, then this is your app.
  • Note Classics Research App – a scholars app focused on classic works for serious scholarly study in original languages and English.
  • Bible Screen – seems like it was made primarily for the Apple TV but works on a phone or tablet tool and shows artwork with inspiring Bible quotes. Save them as Wallpapers or share them to social networks. One nice feature: Fits My Device, which lets you choose your phone’s screen size or device model.
  • Logos Bible Study – the first and primary app for studying the Bible in preparation for sermons, Bible studies or for scholarly and personal study.
  • Faithlife Study Bible – think of a study Bible only on your phone. It’s the best app for people who just want a good free app for reading and doing personal study on their phone or tablet.
  • Faithlife – social network for the mobile device. Take a look at the Faithlife groups you subscribe to on their Faithlife.com website or create a group for your church.
  • Flashcards for Greek and Hebrew – does what it sounds like. Great for students learning one or both of the languages.

You’ll find the same list of apps in the Google Play Store.

Which App To Use?

Assuming your looking for a Bible study app and can’t figure it out from the list and descriptions above, here’s my recommendation. This list doesn’t include anything buy apps for studying the Bible or book reading.

  1. Logos Bible Study – most people will want to use this app. However, there are some exceptions to that.
  2. Faithlife Ebooks – if you just want to read books and not study the Bible, then get the Faithlife Ebooks app. You might want to get both of these first two apps. Use the first for Bible study and the second for reading fiction or Ebooks.
  3. Faithlife Study Bible – if you don’t need to study the Bible for sermon prep, scholarly papers or your just a hardcore Bible nerd, then get the Faithlife Study Bible app. It’s also the best app for people who don’t want to buy anything. You just want a study Bible on your phone for church and reading.
  4. Noet or Verbum – get these if you want to study the classics or you’re Catholic.

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