Here are 3 great Logos Bible Software deals that you can get now and save a lot of money. Find out how to gets free books and deeply discounted books, commentaries, and collections for Logos.

You know that I use Logos Bible Software for most of my Bible study needs. As a result, I’m happy to recommend these 3 great Logos Bible Software deals on some excellent books, collections, and upgrades to Logos 10 or even Logos 9 if you haven’t updated to the new Logos 10 version.

Logos Bible Software Deals on Logos 9 Legacy Libraries

The first of our Logos Bible Software deals lets you update your collection of resources with Logos 9 Legacy Libraries. A legacy library includes books like the CSB Study Bible, Tyndale New Testament Commentaries, the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary, and Theological Diction of the New Testament. Not only will the Logos 9 Legacy Libraries cost as little as $35, but also you can get a huge collection for thousands of dollars. Here’s a recommendation:

  • Get the Logos 9 Gold Legacy Library which includes excellent resources like…
    • Pillar NT Commentary
    • Baker Sermon Outlines Collection
    • Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
    • Cornerstone Biblical Commentary
    • John Piper’s Sermon Archive
  • Take a look at your denomination’s library
    • Baptist
    • Lutheran
    • Messianic
    • Anglican
    • Methodist/Wesleyan
    • Pentecostal
    • Orthodox
    • Reformed
    • Verbum (Catholic)

Free Book of the Month and Other Sharply Discounted Books

The free book for June comes from R. C. Sproul. Get The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped Our World for free. This book covers the “influential philosophies” from impactful minds in theology, education, arts, and more. Each of the 14 chapters covers a different philosopher or group of philosophers.

Sproul explained why we need to study Philosophy with the following quote:

Philosophy forces us to think foundationally. By foundational I mean first principles or basic truths. Most ideas that shape our lives are accepted (at least initially) somewhat uncritically. We do not create a world or environment from scratch and then live in it. Rather we step into a world and culture that already exists, and we learn to interact with it.

R. C. Sproul, The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped Our World
Sproul teaches on the ideas of Plato, one of the philosophers covered in The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped Our World.

Likewise, the other books available for steep discounts include:

  • Kingdom Race Theology: God’s Answer to Our Racial Crisis by Tony Evans
  • The Sabbath as Rest and Hope for the People of God (Short Studies in Biblical Theology) by Guy Prentiss Waters
  • The Psalms: Language for All Seasons of the Soul by Andrew J. Schmutzer and David M. Howard Jr.
  • Understanding and Applying the Bible by Robertson McQuilkin
  • A Merciful and Faithful High Priest: Studies in the Book of Hebrews by Martin Lloyd-Jones
  • The Heart in Pilgrimage: A Treasury of Classic Devotionals on the Christian Life by Leland Ryken et. al.
  • Creative Bible Teaching by Lawrence Richards and Gary Bredfeldt
  • A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament: The Gospel Promised by Miles Van Pelt
  • The New Moody Atlas of the Bible by Barry J. Beitzel
  • Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique by J. P. Moreland, Stephen C. Meyer, Christopher Shaw, Ann Gauger, Wayne Grudem
  • Covenant Theology: Biblical, Theological, and Historical Perspectives by Guy Waters, J. Nicholas Reid, John R. Muether
  • Unlocking the Bible Story (4 vols.) by Colin Smith
  • The Holy Spirit: The Helper (The Complete Works of John Owen, vol. 7) by John Owen, Andrew S. Ballitch (PREORDER)

Publisher Spotlight: Eerdmans Collections

You can get deals on Eerdmans books. Specifically, the publisher offers 40% off the New International Commentary of the Old and New Testament, a great series with many volumes listed in Best Commentaries. More than 20 of the OT volumes are ranked in the top 5 while all but 4 of the NT volumes show up in the top 5. Amazingly, this collection retails from Logos for nearly $1,800 but will cost you only $1,061.99 with this sale offering 40% off. If you own any single volumes dynamic pricing will reduce the price.

You can also get several collections in the Old Testament, Soren Kierkegaard, Theological Dictionary of the Old and New Testament, the Pauline Collection of commentaries, and dated collections from the last several years.

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